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Garage Door Repair Langley

Electric Garage Doors

Electric Garage Doors

If you are the proud owner of an electric garage door in Langley, BC chances are you love the convenience, but wouldn’t know where to start if it suddenly went haywire. Most people are unaware that it takes hundreds of components to make up a garage door system. Our electric garage door service team is trained to handle these situations so you don’t have too. We have the knowledge and the experience to fix anything that might be wrong with your operation.

The two main components in the garage door operation are the door itself and the opener you choose to operate it. The opener is fairly complex to someone who has never serviced it. We specialize in electric garage door openers repair. We know what makes these units tick. These items are made up of motors, gears, logic boards, circuit boards and limit switches, any of which could feasibly go bad suddenly. Our specialists know how to troubleshoot these problems and will detect the issue and make the repair you need.

Our Langley Garage Door Repair crew has worked on hundreds of openers and they are seldom the culprit to the problems at hand. More times than not when a door will not open or close it is something as simple as a loose wire or some type of obstruction. Over the years we have provided electric garage door replacement services when needed, but we always start with cost effective solutions if they exist.

Our technicians will provide electric garage door installation for those in the residential or commercial community that are still using a manual method or simply want to upgrade their existing system. At Garage Door Repair Langley we are looking out for our customer’s best interests. We believe our honest approach leads to long term bonding, trust and respect.